Empowering Tampa Bay’s Startup Technology Ecosystem With Capital And Mentorship

Seedfunders is an angel investing organization focused on helping early-stage startups develop to the point where they can attract venture capital funding. Our team comes from diverse backgrounds with expertise covering a wide range of real-world business challenges. With funding comes top-notch mentorship and guidance!

Passionate about building Businesses

Tampa-St Pete is made up of an extraordinary group of professionals primarily in the Tampa Bay area with decades of knowledge and a variety of industry expertise.

Our Vision and Strategy

The SeedFunders team is unmatched helping early-stage startups in Florida. We are the only funding entity in the State that targets startups with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) but little or no revenue.

We look for scalable, cutting-edge technology models as the perfect candidate for Seedfunders investment.

We’re big fans of the lean startup model and love it when a company understands and implements this model. What is “Lean Start-Up” Learn more.

Florida is our home and we look for local companies we can work with. We will occasionally consider companies from elsewhere, but the Sunshine State is our focus.

What others are saying

“Being part of Seedfunders has been a transformative experience in my investment endeavors. The organization has opened doors to a vibrant network of investors throughout Tampa/St. Pete and beyond. The rich tapestry of our members’ experiences serves as the foundation for our investment strategy, ensuring that we make the most judicious decisions in a complex startup ecosystem. Together, we’re not just investing; we’re cultivating a tradition of collective wisdom and success.”
Stavros Michailidis
Seedfunders Annual Member

Become an Annual Member

Seedfunders Tampa-St Pete offers investors to join the group with an annual membership.

Members join pitches, can participate in due diligence and it provides a great networking opportunity for all those in the Tampa-St Pete business community. Our group comes from diverse backgrounds with expertise covering a wide range of real-world business challenges.

How We Invest

Study Companies
Founders seeking funding apply through the Dealum platform. Our screening team reviews each company for fit and will reach out for an interview..
Hear Pitches
If the interview goes well – we invite the company to pitch at one of our bi-weekly pitch meetings.
Due Diligence
If we like the pitch, a Seedfunders team will conduct a thorough due diligence assessment of the company and its potential.
We’ll co-author a thoughtful term sheet that brings clear value for the company and investors
Investment Director
A Seedfunders Partner will serve as the Company’s Investment Director. They will provide long-term support and may serve on the Company’s Board.
The Next Round
We’ll help sculpt the right next-round offering for the right new money

Our Current Investments


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